Top 5 Qualities Every Good Lawyer Should Possess

So you need a lawyer and have asked around for a good one. Friends, co-workers and relatives will all tell you who you should hire. Often this is to reinforce their decision in choosing that so-called good lawyer. However, you have to ask yourself, is this the good lawyer that I need? Does he specialize in my type of case? We know how expensive it gets to hire a good lawyer found by word-of-mouth and realize that while he is good at handling your buddy’s divorce settlement, he may not be for you when you’ve got issues with your small business.


So, what are the qualities you need in a great lawyer?


People Skills

How does he get his point across? He may be good around people but it takes good logic and judgment to make others see his point of view and clearly at that. According to the site, a great lawyer also has fantastic negotiation skills. This is a major plus because then your lawyer can get you the results you will feel good about while providing a fair outcome for the opposition as well. Great lawyers don’t just try to run over the opposition. Good listening skills are also important. It’s vital that your lawyer understands every aspect of your case from all angles.


Research, Investigation and Good Paper Skills

A lawyer’s opinion will not stand in court. It is facts that are important so a great lawyer should know how to work with investigators and research laws and regulations, which should be a given. It is also crucial that your lawyer is able to write well-cited and well-written motions, briefs and correspondence. Even in emails, good lawyers write free of typo errors and grammatical errors. Great lawyers are also good at using persuasive graphics and storytelling in pleadings.


Superb Presentation Skills

This skill is really valuable if you are seeking out collaborative family law in Orlando or other cities, you want a lawyer that is better at you and anybody at getting your side across. A good lawyer makes use of litigation graphics and present excellently when they have time to prepare. Even when they have to be spontaneous, great lawyers are still able to present well.



You need a lawyer who has handled numerous cases like yours. When you find this lawyer, ask for referrals from past clients. Do your research on how a lawyer has handled problems from his previous clients. Take notice of complaints if any, and how the lawyer was able to handle them.



It’s a given that great lawyers are busy people, but that doesn’t mean you’d have to beg to have to talk to one. A good lawyer will always be available to discuss the seriousness of your situation.


However you go about it, don’t settle for a cheap lawyer. In some self-serving way, cheap lawyers are more expensive than a good lawyer armed with the right skills. You hire a busy person that devotes time to meet you, discuss your case, research, investigate, file, represent and gets the job done. You hire a great lawyer who has handled cases like yours with a good success rate. As a final thought, a good lawyer wins not because he’s good at running the other side over, but he is excellent in negotiating with the opposition. When he’s your lawyer, the opposition doesn’t feel oppressed and you won’t be left feeling even more depressed.

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